Warrs in the Military

Don WorldWar II (Ric)
    Don Warr  Army Air Force World War II
According to Ric, Don was the Line Chief of the 
Squadron (509th Squadron that dropped the Atom 
bombs on Japan) but not involved with the actual 
mission. I know for sure that he was Line Chief 
of the Lucky Lady II first plane to fly around 
the world. He was in the back up plane that was 
to continue if the Lucky Lady went down. 

Don, I'd really appreciate more info from your dad. 

Joe WorldWar II
          Joe Warr  World War II
Joe was a member of the California National 
Guard Artillery.  He did not deploy because 
he was employed in defense industry --
Aerojet Engineering.
  • Barry -- Air Force
  • Steve -- Army Retired
    Leutenant Colonel 34 years
  • Nick -- Marine Vietnam
    Book Phase Line Green
    • Brent -- Navy
  • Dennis -- Army and Navy
    Retired 20 years Gulf War
  • Joe Jr -- Army Vietnam

Sherb WorldWar II
       Sherb Warr  World War II
Sherb was part of the Armored force of "Operation 
Torch" that invaded North Africa in 1942.  He was 
injured falling off a tank and sent home.               
  • Phil -- Army Vietnam
    WO Helicopter pilot

Sam WorldWar II, Korea
       Sam Warr  World War II, Korea
Ric said Sam spent some time with Don While in 
Japan during the Korean War, also Sam was in a 
mess on Guadalcanal.
Don, I'd really appreciate more info from you and
your dad. 
  • Don -- Air Force
    • Joshua -- Air Force
      Russian linguist

  • Bill World War II (Ric)
           Bill Warr World War II
    Bill was in the navy during World War II serving 
    in the south Pacific.  Ric said he was in a number 
    of sea battles.      

           Max Warr  
    Max Warr- Merchant Marine 1944 to 1947 
    Stationed in Catalina, Ca. and Hawaii as Tug 
    Boat deck hand. 
  • Billy Max -- Air Force
    1966 - 1972. He died in a
    mid-air crash between a C130
    and Navy Fighter plane. 14 men
    died. December 5, 1972? Bill
    was a Flight Engineer and
    making the US Air Force a career.
    He left behind his wife of 5 1/2
    years and three children ages 4,
    2 and 1 year of age at that time.
    Bill is buried at Eternal Valley
    in Newhall, CA
    • Billy Max Warr Jr. -
      US Army Retired.
      Numerous tours in Iraq.
  • Rod Warr - US Air Force Retired
    24 years. Currently Air Force
    civilian as an Aircraft Mechanic.
    • Bryan Jacobs (Rod and Vinnie)
      US Air Force 18 years and
      counting. Stationed in Okinawa