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Vital information necessary to end the pandemic.
This site does not present details about root causes of covid-19 infection, how it effect your body, or even the details about development of the vaccines. I'll leave that to those who are scientifically and medically qualified.
Based on their long study and preparation, I trust their judgement.
What it does discuss is more aligned with my fields of mathematics and computer science -- logic.
Occam's Razor
The simplest explanation is often the most correct.

Stories of antivaxxer deaths from covid

April 29,2022


Disinformation Dozen
Study: 20 million Medicare beneficiaries.
Claim: 5.6 million vaccinated resulted in 148 thousand breakthrough covid cases, 30,000 hospitalizations, 9,400 ICU and 3,256 deaths.
Result: 148,000 / 5,600,000 = 2.64% breaktrhough cases, 0.54% hospitalizations, 0.17% ICU and 0.058% deaths.
97.36% efficacy from breakthrough and 99.942% efficacy from breakthrough death.

This study did not show the results from the 13.4 million unvaccinated. But given the current statistics -- 86% of covid cases are unvaccinated, 90% serious are unvaccinated and 99% of deaths are unvaccinated we can imply: 888,000 unvaccinated cases
300,000 serious cases

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May 3, 2022, USA 578 million vaccines given
(247 Million at least one dose, 219 Million fully vaccinated).
Antivax claim over one to two million adverse effects, 2,000,000 / 578,000,000 = 0.0035 or 0.35% adverse effects

The vaccines are 99.65% safe.

Only more than 20 million can drop the safety below 95%.

Covid cases and deaths YESTERDAY (May 2, 2022)
83% to 86% cases are unvaccinated. 95,854 X 83% = 79,558
99% of deaths are unvaccinated (391 times 99% is 387)

US population is 333,746,056
260,989,415 Americans have had at least one shot.
72,759,640 are unvaccinated.
Subtract those who have already had covid and
50 to 80 million are still vulnerable to Covid-19.

1,760,310 are being vaccinated every day (mostly kids).
It will take two to three months for all to be vaccinated.

Meanwhile two to nine million unvaccinated will suffer COVID - 19 and 144,000 vaccine refusers could die.

Anti-vaxers claim all vaxxed will die within 2 to 3 years.

No vaccine had side effects more than a week after innoculation.

100 million were fully vaccinated by April 20, 2021.
In seven months some should already be dying. 5%?

Someone should have noticed five million deaths by now.

Information about Covid-19

Myocarditis caused by vaccines

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99% of doctors have been vaccinated and are doing their job caring for covid and other patients. 1% are not vaccinated and few of them are caring for patients. Many of these are too busy making money from selling disinformation.
Here are some. (Click the name)
Dr. Kevin Stillwagon       Dr. Larry Palevsky
Dr. Carrie Madej            Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Robert Malone         Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Dr. Judy Mitkovitz           Dr. Mike Yeadon
Dr. Christine Northrup    Dr. Rashid Buttar
Dr. Simone Gold             Dr. Annie Bukasek
Dr. Mark Brody             Dr. Steven LaTulippe
Dr. Bruce Boros             Dr. John Littell
Dr. Elizabeth Laffay       Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Jessica Rose

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Cases in the UK

Cases in the US

Ryszard Rakowski and Vinu Arumugham posted on Quora "In Pfizer's covid vaccine trial of 57,000 3 of the vaccine and only one placebo got myocarditis" followed by pages of difficult mathematical formulas to prove the vaccine caused the myocarditis. A sample size of 4 out of 57,000 is insignificant, but I researched and found the following:
2,500,000 vaccines in Israel there were reports of 54 myocarditis
0.002% small number
500 million vaccines in US - reports of 1,626 myocarditis
0.0003% Tiny number 3 per million
Mar, 2020-Jan 2021 cdc reports 146 cases per 100,000
Much larger

The vaccines are much safer for myocarditis from vaccines than covid.
Normal incidence of myocarditis per year 1.5 million .02%

The inescapable conclusion is that vaccines have a incidental protection from myocarditis as well as being highly effective against covid.

Myocarditis caused by vaccines posited by antivax is highly overstated.

Risk for myocarditis is 300 times safer after vaccine than being infected by covid.

Not only that but getting the vaccine is 20 times safer from death.
December 2020-August 2021--1,991 of 192,405,448 shots (0.001%).
March 2020-January 2021--4,339 of 1,452,773 covid-19 cases (3%).

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Myocarditis occurs much more frequently among Covid patients.
150 of 100,000 with covid-19. Only 9 of 100,000 without covid.
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