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Dennis and Marti

Here is the wedding announcement.

Well, It wasn't quite love at first sight. But I did fall in love with her voice the first time I heard her sing. I was getting ready to go on stage following her song and I became totally transfixed as she sang. I even forgot momentarily that I was next. It took me a time to recover. Afterwards I introduced myself and told her how her song had affected me. That was back in last November. But, you know me, I didn't pursue her and she got involved with someone else. Somehow, though, I knew it wasn't going to work out so I concentrated on being friends. We saw each other occasionally at choir practice and she continued to see this other guy. Then one Sunday, we were talking and the subject of voice lessons came up and I said I had always wanted to take voice lessons. She said, "I give voice lessons. If you want, you can take them from me." So, that started a closer relationship. After a month or so, she casually mentioned that "I broke up with Brian last night" and proceded to start crying and I decided that a voice lesson was not as important as she was. We talked and started seeing each other more frequently, then we kissed and we have been inseparable since. Well, not true in the physical sense. She has been in L.A. for the last 4 weeks, but we talk every night and somehow, that has helped us to bond even more without the physical getting in the way. I will be going to L.A. in a week and hope to be married very soon. I'll tell you more details later.