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Half-cancelled reunion 06

Half-cancelled reunion 06

Half-cancelled reunion 06

Half-cancelled reunion 06
Shirley, Mable and Judy on the cruise -- Photo Judy Annison

Mabel -- Photo by Ric Warr
Letter From Sam Roderick to Mable.
Judy, I hope its okay to print this letter. It's Wonderful!
Introduction by Dennis Warr:

My Uncle Sam was one of the funniest people I've known.  In his book, Bounce
Back, we get a glimpse of his humor.  His daughter Judy compiled the book
from a handwritten manuscript and wrote the last chapter.  In that last 
chapter, she included a letter he wrote to his wife Mabel while she was 
visiting her daughter, Shirley, to help with their first grandchild, 
Tiffany.  It is a rich banter of woe-is-me designed to speed the return of 
his wife.

"Dear Mable:  I miss you.
     There are a few things I can't seem to find:  A tablespoon, coffee, my 
back brace, my undershorts, my Sunday suit, tie pin, necktie, toothbrush and 
deodorant.  The TV broke down.  I don't know how to wind the cuckoo clock.  
The dishwasher just won't work.  I don't know how to turn the electric 
blanket on.  No frying pan in the house.  Did you take it with you?
     I am so hungry and miserable.  I have seen some of my friends, except 
Old Dan.  I haven't called him because anyone who has lasted as long as he 
has must be crazier than a wooden match and I wouldn't want to turn out so 
     Made four trips to Myrtle Point today hauling cattle to the fair.  I 
decided to keep my eye open for a good looking go-go girl, about your size 
and could cook and looked clean.  No luck.  I did talk to one girl at the 
carnival who said she might be interested but not until after the 1st of 
November.  I told her to check back with me at the house and if you answered
after she knocked, for her to just forget it.
     How is Shirley feeling?  Good, I hope.  Give her a squeeze for me.  I 
hope Dick realizes what a houseful of good women he has got there.
     I'm going into town tomorrow to do some shopping.  I just can't figure 
out how you cook so many good meals without a teaspoon, spatula, frying pan, 
and in fact, anything to cook anything with.  I caught a 20 pound Chinook 
Salmon yesterday and just gave it to your mom.  They were happy.  Then I 
bummed a bologna sandwich from the Trolard's.  That was the first good food 
I'd had since Monday.  There's a Sheepherder's breakfast at the fair 
tomorrow, so I'll try and make it to that.  I'll probably make out until the 
fair closes down Sunday, and if I start grazing around the blackberry patch 
with the sheep, they say a man can make it about 30 days grazing 
blackberries.  I hope you can make it back home before 30 days.  If not, I 
will make it.  Love, Sam.
     P.S.  How come the record player won't work?  And where are my glasses? 
  P.S. (again)  We are out of toilet paper and I'm too bashful to buy any.
     I am doing fine so don't worry about me.  It's funny how time can solve 
so many problems.  For instance, the toilet paper.  I have found out that 
anyone eating any less than I am doesn't even need toilet paper, so I've no 
use for it.  I'm cooking in the dog's pan.  It eliminates washing dishes and 
I eat out of it, too.
     A lady came selling magazines who lives on the north bank and her
husband is on a fishing trip in Alaska.  She's afraid of the dark and afraid
to stay in the house alone, so I'm going to let her sleep in Judy's room
with the light on, but don't worry, it won't cost much if it's on all night.
     I planned all summer on putting some kind of furnace in the house while
you were gone, but still can't figure out what kind I want.  I went to the
tavern yesterday for a can of snoose and I was discussing furnaces with
three ladies there.  One had electric; one had oil; and one has gas.  The
one with oil invited me to stay a couple nights with her and see how
comfortable her home was.  The other two did the same thing.  I accepted the
invitation from two, but a man has to have willpower sometimes.  I ignored
the lady with the gas.

Love, Sam."

Anyone who knew my Uncle Sam Roderick, knew he was well able to take care of
himself.  Don't be fooled by his words.  If you get the chance to read his
book*, do so.  It shows wonderful insight to the man we all know as "Uncle
* I'll bet Judy would be glad to send you a copy.  Send her $ to cover cost 
of copying binding and mail.  Believe me, it's worth it.