Frances M. Warr Scholarship Fund

April 23, 2018

All Scholarship Funds have been disbursed.
No more applications will be accepted.

      Aunt Peggy was an avid learner and obtained her bachelor's degree late in life  
(age 64) from University of California, Santa Barbara.  Upon her death (March 16, 2018), 
Peggy bequeathed a fund to assist her descendents who are seeking a degree.  

Its a little more than six months, and now it feels like Peggy is really gone because 
we wont be helping to disburse her bequest much longer.   

We have learned what she already knew - that there is and has been strong desire within 
the family to gain higher education and a huge need for aid to afford it.

Fran Andersen

Recipients of the Frances M. Warr Scholarship Fund, please submit any comments you have to: :

Jennifer Berlinger
Tiffany Juell Parks
Fran and Tom Andersen

Recipient response

August 27, 2018
To everyone on the committee:

I cannot even begin to show the depth of my gratitude for this loan assistance. This gift will be such a tremendous help to my wife 
and me as we move forward into continuing building our future together. Like so many recent graduates, our student loans have felt 
like a hindrance to fully moving into our adult lives  being able to invest, save as much as we'd ideally like to, freely visit 
friends and family far away, etc. Now, by reducing our remaining balance by such a dramatic percentage, the end is actually in 

I had not checked my email over the weekend, and the letter and physical check actually arrived in the mail this morning only short 
while after finally reading the congratulations email. After sharing some tears of joy, we reminisced over the remainder of our 
cups of coffee about our time at Gordon College and our appreciation for our education, sitting at our dining table surrounded by 
all the shelves of books we've collected together. With this gift from Aunt Peggy's fund, and being this much closer to full debt 
repayment, in a strange way, Rebecca and I almost feel as though we are finally coming to fully appreciate the weight of our 
education: how it shaped us as individuals, how it motivated us to do good in the world, how it brought us together. Our college 
experience can become, in time, less and less mired by the negative emotions brought about by current financial strain and can 
begin, more and more, month by month, to embody what university is supposed to be about from the start: a brighter future.

We cannot thank you enough, truly.

Thomas & Rebecca Wolseley