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MHS 81 Reunion
August 10-12, 2021

Marshfield Class of '58
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2. Dona said there should be more of Kathy and me.
I won't disappoint.

3. Of course I need to take more of her too.

4. Paule and Judy

5. Ken, Lola

6. Kathy and Steve

7. Joan

8. Dona said there should be more of Kathy and me.
I won't disappoint.
Bob, Dave, John

9. Gary, Tom, Dona (more of her too), Jim, Rehl

10. Dona said there should be more of Kathy and me.
I won't disappoint.
Jean, Al, Don

11. Dave, Ed, Jim

12. Joan, Betty

13. Pat (I said smile), Gary, Sharon

14. Pat (how she obeys), Gary, Sharon

15. Bob, Tom, Rose

16. Susie, Al, ____

17. Elton, Vonnie

18. Jim, Sharon, _____

19. Dona (gotcha again), Tom

20. John, ____

21. Ken, John

22. Bob, Ken, John

23. ____, ____, Steve

24. ____, Joan

25. Bob, Genevieve, Pat, Joe

26. Betty, Joan

27. Chuck, Joan

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Covid stories      Covid stories

The sound is not so good. This is what I (Steve Warr) said:

You know this covid is terrible ---- Absolutely terrible.
Last week Dr. Fauci said, "If people were spreading this disinformation last century, we would still have small pox, measles and polio."
But it's worse than that. If they had been around in the 1800's we would still be shoveling horse poop off the streets. Absolutely!
But then it hit me... You know I taught computer science for 34 years.
If we hadn't developed the Internet, misinformation like that would still be peddled like snake oil out of mule wagons.
So what can be done? If the technological revolution had been stymied, we wouldn't even have cars or airplanes.
I don't know the answer.
We laugh, but this is absolutely true.

From Bob Andrews -- Damn & Triple Damn
I upset with myself, because I thought about calling Tim Bullard before the 81st birthday party. But I saw his email (iron tree) on the material that was sent out, and I failed to make a simple call.
Tim said when was the party straight out at me!!! Maybe we need a verification process that includes email and a phone call.
As we get older things slip by us. Anyway he asked me to call him if there was another get together, because he and Susan would have made the trip. Jo-Ann overheard my conversation, and she said we must plan a trip up to see them.
Bob A
I had sent an email to Tim on August 13th. He did not respond. I guess this verifies that the contact system needs a review.
Bob A

The sound is not so good. If you want to submit a transcript or anything else click here to send it to me.

The sound is not so good. If you want to submit a transcript or anything else click here to send it to me.

Dona suggested we tell stories of the pandemic. The introduction to mine is below

To post your introduction or anything else click here to send it to me.

Steve Warr -- The pandemic was awful. I just settled down to enjoy retirement starting June 2018. Keeping myself in shape by doing what I most enjoy -- pole vaulting, That July I cleared 8'6" to become number 1 in the world in my age group with this jump. But the pandemic shut me down. I couldn't make myself practice and I deteriorated into the worst shape of my life. The last two months I've been getting back in shape and hoping I'll get back to it in the Fall, but right now because of the surge it doesn't look hopeful.
On top of that Kathy's and my favorite activity square dancing was a no no during the pandemic. and we couldn't even visit with the grandkids.
To make up for those devastating losses I wrote some more stories (you can read them above), and I created an online card game so that we could connect with the grandkids and friends anyway. Here it is: Play Thunderbolt
Kay Holman Voth -- The Covid, the dreaded Covid...... My gym, after being able to open, but WITH masks did not require us to wear them, and I was not comfortable with that, so no gym for me. And, hard to get back into it again now that fully open and I am vaccinated. Luckily, I did the same as before covid, stay home, read, go to grocery store. I do my exercises each morning at least, and will get back into a routine soon at the gym again, unless we shut down with this new wave. I hate the lasting effect it has had on business's and all the help wanted signs up,but no takers. I am sure none of us were prepared to see this happen in our lifetime. My best to all and keep well and safe. Kay Holman Voth
Eric (Rick) Saukkonen -

This letter is about fond recollections of the Marshfield High School class of 1958. It was a time far different from the world we see today with concerns over Covid 19, worldwide terrorism, political and social unrest, mental health problems, poverty, gun violence, children’s education and safety, medical care, elder care, taxes and financial security. Plus, all those other concerns we face each day.

As youth of the 50’s, we had problems and issues, but looking back on that time, they did not seem like they were something overwhelming. Anxiety, stress and mental health were not topics we discussed or even worried about. If we had a problem, we seemed to find ways to dig deep and “get over it”. Coos Bay and North Bend at that time were pretty prosperous little towns and relatively good paying jobs were available in the woods, in the sawmills and on the docks. Most of our parents worked in the wood products industry or supporting businesses and brought home a living wage. Women worked to bring in a little extra cash for luxuries, but a majority of them were stay at home moms. Mom’s biggest jobs were raising us kids and getting the dad home on payday so the paycheck was not spent in the bar that night or gambled away. There was a lot of “work hard and play hard” mentality. I think that rubbed off on us kids, too. Most of us liked to go to parties, dances, ball games and such. There was always some kind of activity to entertain the kids at the high schools. When there weren’t things going on at the school, then there were movies or just “cruising-the-gut” along Bayshore Drive and the downtown areas of Coos Bay and North Bend. A few kids had their own car, but mostly the cars belonged to the parents. The primary cruising took in the Top Hat drive-in in North Bend and Duke’s drive-in along the waterfront in Coos Bay. Duke’s was usually the main attraction because you could drive around it and check out who was there. Usually, we would stop for a “Coke”. Some kids were able to come up with a beer here and there, but definitely not any drugs. No one pushed them or had access to any. Drug addicts or pot heads were looked down upon. I don’t think I ever knew any. The beaches available to us were an attraction for parties. Wood for bonfires was all over the place and there were plenty of safe places to build a fire without burning down someone’s home. The beach was also a good place to go watch the grunion run.

I came to Marshfield High School as a sophomore, so I only had three years at the school, but those were great years in my early life. I moved from Portland to North Bend when I was in the 5th grade and then from North Bend to Coos Bay. Because of that, I knew quite a few kids from North Bend at that time. The transition to Coos Bay and Marshfield was easy for me, because I was familiar with the area and all the kids I met in school were accepting and friendly. I played sports, so that helped, I think, too. Most of the kids in the class of 1958 seemed to have grown up together through grade school, junior high and high school. But, they were not exclusive or bullies. The kids I knew were genuinely nice to each other. They were products of good parenting or something. Their parents had stable jobs and found no need to move from that area, especially the kids who lived on the Eastside and on the farms beyond. Marshfield High School offered quite a diversified curriculum. There were programs available to all students that would prepare you for a job right out of high school, from auto shop to secretarial science. The normal class load was intended to get kids up to speed for college, although going to college did not have the same level of attraction that it does today. Many of us were not seriously thinking about going on to higher education. We just needed some encouragement—a little push. Girls were especially discouraged from getting a college degree by many parents. It was a shame because there were a lot of smart and capable women who would have excelled in college. It was pretty easy to get into a state school at the time. You only had to have a “C” average and the money to pay for tuition and the other expenses. Money for school was a stumbling block for many. There were some scholarships available, but not many. So the alternative was, get a job. Jobs were easy to get and plentiful. Getting a job and buying a car were high on the priority list of some. Going into the armed services looked pretty attractive, too. The major wars were over and we were getting into the “nuclear age”, plus there was the chance to see the world and enjoy the G. I. benefits. The quality of an education at Marshfield High school was good and teachers, administrators and coaches were interested in seeing the students succeed. The opportunities were there to help students succeed in life.

But, you know all of this and you are more interested in knowing about Covid 19 in my life.

My wife, Linda, and I decided in 2017 that we would move from Oregon to Michigan to be closer to our daughter and her family, which included two grand children. We were spending a couple of months each year visiting and caring for grand kids, so we thought it might make sense to move to Michigan, permanently. We were also caring for Linda’s 83 year old aunt and needed some help with her care. Our daughter who was retiring could assist with that. At that time, our son and his son (another grandchild) were living in England, he was planning on retiring from the Air Force and moving to the USA, but the destination was unknown. It turned out to be Virginia.

Covid struck our son and son-in-law earlier this year, but they each had mild illness from it and had to be quarantined for a period of time. No hospitalization was required. The entire family has been vaccinated. School classes have been all virtual for most of this year, but I am not convinced that a lot of lasting learning took place. A lot of the work for the adults in the family was done out of home offices. I think that worked out OK and it was a novelty for some, although they missed the person to person contact with customers and fellow employees.

We are fully retired now, so we enjoy coming and going as we please. Two of Linda’s trips/tours were cancelled. I would say that Covid 19 has definitely changed our “normal” life style with lockdowns, shutdowns/closures, limited gatherings (no sports, movies, plays, concerts), face masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, hand washing, no hugs and kisses, no socializing in general, and no travel. We have been catching up on home improvements and general upkeep on our home in order to utilize the down time. A good deal of our time is spent reading, texting, Zooming and watching TV. I think we are pretty much up to date on all of the series offered by Netflix. Following troubling current events seems to draw greater attention from us than in the past, especially shootings, stories of destitute people and businesses, corrupt and dishonest people (including our elected officials), climate change and its consequent events, economic disparity, terrorism, war and destructive cyber events. After watching stuff like that, I get my brain back in order with humor and sports. I like to watch live sporting events or catch special events, like the Olympics, on TV.

Our chief entertainment is a breeding black Labrador Retriever female. She produces puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind. She is three and has had two litters of eight, so far. She is scheduled to have two more litters and then will be fixed. Then she is a full time pet for the rest of her life. She is very entertaining. Those of you who have had puppies know how much of a handful six and seven week old puppies can be. They have some energy. Whew!!

I am wishing you all a wonderful time together for the 81 in 2021 party. I have fond memories of you all and my years at Marshfield High School. Go class of 1958!! Have fun!!

Best wishes,

Eric (Rick) Saukkonen

Tim Bullard was elected to the Hall of Fame.

9/23/2018 Dear Steve,
I received this email from Marilyn Hastrich before the reunion and did not bring it. Is it possible for you to
include on your website?
Thank you,
I would like to say to all of you, "Thank you for being a part of my life and for all the wonderful memories."
The '50's were the best of times! I still have, several friends that have kept in touch, all these years. Judy
Long, Alice Chapman, Rosie Hagen, etc. Of course my bestie was Connie Granum who is deceased. We became Sister-In-Laws.
In these later years, Facebook has given many of us from our class, a way to communicate today. I so enjoy. Kay H.,
Betty C., Madeline B., Donn K., and even class of '59's, Joy Nelson, for example. Nice to hear how others are doing, etc.
God Bless to all and stay Happy and Healthy!!!
Marilyn Hastrich Siewell
9/20/2018 I remember sitting on the corner here in Eastside, waiting for these huge trucks to come down from up river and we would count how many logs ,etc...... CLICK for Video
Another gorgeous Indian Summer morning here. September , like always, has been a grand one and forecast sunny for another whole week. I hope you are both busy and enjoying life..
Kay Voth
8/31/2018 Just a thought. How about having our 80th birthday party in May on weekdays?
Could a lower room rate be negotiated? Airline flights and rent cars would be cheaper. More interesting, we could meet in assembly with the graduating seniors. Educational break for the kids that administrators would welcome, and fun for us. And publicity. The World and TV would love it!
What do you think?
8/20/ 2018 Dear Steve,
You are amazing! I think the website is every bit as good as the party itself. I have heard that there are several of our classmates that have viewed it daily since last weekend. I will be sending out a follow-up with the website on it again. What a great contribution you made to our class. I will always look at numbers differently after hearing you talk! Great getting to know you better was a very positive part of our party! Thank your wife for being so patient with all of us. We get into the chatty, what have you been doing mode and it must be hard for spouses. Think that is why my husband prefers to make these types of events fishing expeditions rather than coming with me. As ever,
Dona -- Dona Foote
Thanks Dona,
That really means a lot to me. Tell your husband I'll be looking forward to meeting him-- Steve Warr.
8/13/18 Even though I was not able to attend, Steve, I enjoyed looking through the "annals of time" -- Ann Felkner
8/13/18 Will this website be a place where people can write in with any future words, adventures,etc...? Kay Holman
8/13/18 This webpage is very special! -- Tom Jenkins

Nobody reminded me to get a group shot, so.... I think I got everyody -- even Waldo.

The videos I took before security forced me to cease and desist.
Video 1      Video 2

Dinner Videos
Dinner 1      Dinner 2      Dinner 3      Dinner 4
Dinner 5      Dinner 6      Dinner 7      Dinner 8      Dinner 9
Talk 1      Talk 2      Talk 3      Talk 4      Talk 5

Bob (Andrews) talk. I accidently skipped him in the video.


1. Dave West, Betty Cabal West

2. Bob James, Genevieve Stever James

3. Ken Messerle, Mike Peterson,and wife Judy Ahlquist

4. NOT '58 but how we looked 40 or 50 years ago

5. Mrs. Kathy Warr

6. Carolyn Bergen and husband

7. Joan Lindley, Jean Nelson

8. Al Lovie, wife Suzie , Don Heldstab, Jean Nelson's hubby

9. Sharon Sasse, Joan Lindley, Jean Nelson

10. Sam Roderick, his daughter Sharla and his nephew Bill

11. Dona Foote, Tim Bullard

12. Bob Andrews, Mike Peterson

13. Al Lovie

14. Gordon Abbe

15. Jerry Briggs

16. Dick Smith

17. Sam Roderick

18. Barbara Goodrich

19. Tom Jenkins, Ken Messerle

20. Sharon Sasse, Jim Vick

21. Dona Foote, Jim Vick

22. Joan Lindley, Jim Vick

23. School Tour

24. Joan Spurlock

25. Name?

26. Steve Warr , Sam Roderick

27. Tim Bullard, Kay Holman, Gordon Abbe, Steve Warr

28. Tim Bullard and Kay Holman's "horns"

29. Lola Messerle, Suzie Lovie, Sheila Stacey

30. Frank Cannon

31. Rose Hagen, Joan Spurlock

32. Poggie Baker

33. John Forrester

34. Steve Pennington

35. Ken Messerle

36. John Forrester

37. Bob Andrews

38. Donna Kutch

39. Gordon Abbe, Bob Shore, Kay Holman, Val Mentzer

40. Jim Vick, Kay Holman

41. Kay Holman

42. Gordon Abbe, Tom Jenkins, Gary Anderson, Dona Foote

43. Terry Mentzer

44. Gary Anderson's wife?

45. Gary Anderson

46. Terry Mentzer

47. Dave West

48. Steve and Kathy Warr

49. MHS 60th Reunion August 10-12, 2018

50. Dona Foote, Jim Vick and Dick Smith

51. Bob Shore

52. MHS 60th Reunion August 10-12, 2018

53. Dona Foote, Jim Vick and Tom Jenkins

54. Dona Foote, Jim Vick

55. Dave Sampson

56. Tom Jenkins and Tim Bullard

57. Carolyn Bergen

58. '58 MHS 60th Reunion (email names)

59. MHS 60th Reunion August 10-12, 2018

60. Sam Roderick and Daughter Sharla

61. Elton Vandervort, wife Vonnie

62. Sally Skarsten Shore, Bob Shore

63. Dick Smith

64. Rose Hagen

65. Rose Hagen

66. Carolyn Bergen

67. Madeline Brainard

68. Gary Anderson

69. Dick Hatcher

70. Charlie Mahaffy

71. Charlie Mahaffy and wife

72. MHS 60th Reunion August 10-12, 2018

73. Larry Bick

74. Mike Peterson

75. John Forrester

76. Dick Hatcher
    My much loved double cousin
Sharon Warr
    Steve Warr
    My brother Barry and I attended Bart Eames' funeral in Mesa, Arizona.  Bart was one of the Coos River Rats 
    (I think Kay coined that phrase).  Bart's father, Henry, was principal of Coos River School and my 6th grade
    math teacher.
    Steve Warr
    Today I was printing out the deceased list for a classmate and I noticed Ted Mahar's name on it, and wrote to Dona 
    to let her know he was alive.  How wrong and shocked I was to hear he did indeed pass away October 19, 2016.  A very 
    wonderful tribute to him is in the Oregonian.   I just put in TED MAHAR OBIT in my browser and up came the long story.  
    He had a great life... I know his wife was followed by many with her garden contribution to the paper.  Dona had 
    mentioned Pat Petford Higgins and hubby had gone to his estate sale, but it flew right over my head, thinking estate 
    sales don't mean a death sometimes...  Some just have estate sale when they are downsizing, moving,etc..  Anyway, 
    I was so wrong, but had no idea...  It seems like only yesterday Ted had emailed me his picture and we had conversation.. 
	Kay Holman

    I think he just went back to Mars?  When Ted first came to Marshfield, his story was that he had come from Mars.  The great 
    story-teller he was,  almost convinced me it was the truth.
    Steve Warr

    Now the Voice of the Pirates are all  gone..  Dennis Celorie, Bob Werber and Ted.
    I never knew him well in school, and certainly never heard the Mars story. Funny.
    Well, the weekend is nearly here..............
	Kay Holman

	One and a half minutes?  I am 77.  Shouldn't I get 77 minutes, or at least 7.7 minutes?
	I have some concern that I have a mess to walk through -- if it is bad just jump on me.  I guess I could do pony express.
	Bob Andrews

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47. Ben Chandler from Bob Andrews

48. Ben Chandler from Bob Andrews

49. Bob Andrews and Granny

50. Bob Andrews and Jo Ann Santorini

51. Bob Andrews leaves NC

52. Bob Andrews retires

53. Bob Andrews d' Orsay

54. Bob Andrews British Virgins

55. Bob Andrews Goodbye Synthesis

56. Ruth, John, Jo-Anne from Bob Andrews

57. from Bob Andrews Limit of ducks

58. Bob Andrews ducks and more

59. Bob Andrews River Rats

60. Bob Andrews Tiger Mason

61. Bob Andrews Jo-Ann with guide

62. Bob Andrews Bob with his minnow


43. 10th Reunion From Kay

When was this? Bob Andrews guesses 20th in 1978.

41.25th Reunion From Kay

44. 30th Reunion From Kay

45. 35th Reunion From Kay

42.45th Reunion From Kay

46.50th Reunion From Kay

Class Officers: Jean Coffindaffer, Carole Doty, Lynn Curtis, Mike Gardner, Bill Haun, Barbara Bennett, Tom Jenkins (missing man), Roberta Spears, Marilyn Giles

29. Senior skip from Kay Back row, Rita Holman, Kay Holman, Marjorie White, Barbara Bennett , ?

30. Senior skip from Kay Gail Simonson, Barbara Bennett

31. Senior skip from Kay. Betty Lou Dahl, Suzie Smith

32. Senior skip from Kay ?, Betty Lou Dahl, Yvonne Sackett, Linda Davis, Carol Olson

33. Senior skip from Kay Who?

34. Senior skip from Kay. Lynn Curtis

11. Senior skip from Kay Who?

12. Senior skip from Kay Who?

13. Senior skip from Kay Ron Gebhardt and Joe Clark

14. Senior skip from Kay Who?

15. Senior skip from Kay: Gary Kvalheim, Bruce Knox, Charles Slover

16. Senior skip from Kay Who?

35. Girly Pics from Kay Linda Davis, Alberta Yates, Yvonne Sackett , Joanne Kauffman

36. Girly Pics from Kay. Connie Hipfner, Kathy Metzger, Linda Davis

37. Girly Pics from Kay, ? Connie Hipfner

38. Girly Pics from Kay

39. Girly Pics from Kay

MHS 60th Reunion August 10-12, 2018

40. Sweethearts Ball February '56 From Kay
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