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Susan Richardson (Nick/Joe)
Susie Miller (Max/Billy Max)
Tiffany (Shirley/Mabel) Parks

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Books By Warrs

This book is fire
Jill Stein

Stories by Steve(Joe)

The Wonderful Machine
Jovian Nightmare
The Dump
This Is The Future
Roadhouse Steak Place

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2000 Odd-year 2002 2004 2007 2009

Joe's family Reunions
2014, 2016 and 2018


Joe's family
virtual REUNION
September 19, 2020

Billy Roderick passed away October 9, 2022

Sam (Sonny) Roderick passed away
November 2, 2022

Don(Sam) wrote this about his dad.
That's odd - Dad (Sam) had to have his name changed on his birth certificate, it was filed as Leroy Packer.

There has to be something more to that story.

Phillip Packer II (our Great Great ...Great Grandfather
Camden New Jersey

Our Eastern Canada tour
September 2022

Mabel passed away July 22,
2020 at 100 years old
Click to watch Her service.

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Elijah Warr(Bill/Bill/Max) was married
to Lauren Heflin on 20 June 2020.

Mabel's party was a Zoom meeting. Click here to see the video.

Sam (Sonny) Roderick suffered a stroke Wed. Feb. 5, 2020

Warr Family
video conferences
have been suspended.
Perhaps we can have
more if there
is interest.

Recorded videos below.
Peggy tribute video (part 1)
Peggy tribute video (part 2)
September 30 video (part 1)
September 30 video (part 2)
November 24 video
December 30 video

2019 Reunion

Feb 2019

New Photos

May 2019

More information from Sharla (Sam[Sonny]/Mabel) about Grandpa Sam Warr's death.

Jan 2019

Rod "promises" to be in the Dec. conference

Dec 2018

Joe junior's service

Dec 2018

"Califerno" has affected Brent (Joe/Nick)

Nov 2018

Emails about Peggy's birthday
Freddie, Fran and Jennifer

Preston (Joe/Barry/Brenda) Eagle Scout project

Preston Eagle (GofundMe page)

Reunion 2019

Was a great success.

Freddie Mae (Mae)

2019 pictures and videos
Looking forward to 2021!

We think there are very few Americans with the name Warr.

People look twice, want to spell it with one "r" or jump to the conclusion that it is "Ware" or "Ward". There is a city named Warr Acres in Oklahoma and a quick Google of the name reveals Warrs in every profession from doctor to professor, to writer, to hockey player and more. More than 40,000 Americans with the surname "Warr" died between 1940 and 2014, so we are not really so alone.

This is interesting to me (geneology) I like numbers.

We are descendent from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins who arrived in America on the Mayflower in 1620.
They had 10 children who had ==> 13 14 7 ? 6 8 7 1 9 6 to average 7.75 children each
   generation children descendents
  • 1620    10       10
  • 1660    7.8      78              
  • 1700    7.1      550            
  • 1740    6.6      3,665       There are millions of Americans
  • 1780    5.5      20,412      who can claim this cute couple
  • 1820    4.4      91,447        as great, great, great... s.
  • 1860    3.3      310,004;      
  • 1900    2.3      713,009       I still think it's kind of cool.
  • 1940    1.7      1,247,766    
  • 1980    1.7      2,183,590    We are also descendent of William the
  • 2018    1.7      3,821,283   Conquerer and Pocahontas.
When John proposed for Miles Standish, Pricilla said, "Why don't you speak for yourself, John?." It's a good thing! Otherwise we'd have all been 5-2 like Captain Shrimpe. (Thomas Morton of Merrymount called Standish that rude name.)

More about Morton and Standish

Suggestion for Sunday's Conference discussion.

WRAGS - Joseph Warr's 1959-60 project

What Dennis said about WRAGS and the Frisbie

Freddie said, "I remember the deal about the Frisby. Lol...
I remember sitting close to the radio so I could hear uncle Joe when I was little doing the Marshfield games.
Read about Freddie's dream of "Sunday Supper"

If you have a suggestion email to I'll be glad to respond to any questions about Kadakas IV or any of my short stories (above)

Fran said, "Collecting family stories is a draw for me."

Frances M. Warr Scholarship Fund

All of the allocated funds have been disbursed. The committee will accept no more applications.(Oct2018)

Jennifer sent me this great photo (Sep 2018)

Joshua Warr continues his great US Air Force career. In addition, he is back in Texas Aug 2018

Sam (Sonny) Rodrick and I attended our 60th Marshfield High Reunion August 10-12, 2018.

Joe Warr Jr. tribute and ceremony. Aug 2108

I am number one pole vaulter in the world. June 2018

Funeral set for Thursday June 2 in Eugene, Oregon

Joseph Packer Warr Jr. (Joe) passed away on May 12, 2018 in Salt Lake City

Peggy passed away peacefully on March 16th in Hermosa Beach, CA, 2018.

Chuck (Ric) sent me some great photos from 1967.

Ken (Steve/Joe) passed away Friday May 22, 2015.

WARR/RODERICK/FULTZ FAMILY REUNION is set for JULY 16 through 19, 2015...
WEST LAVERNE Camp ground Coquille, Oregon

Wanda Warr passed away December 15, 2013.

Sophie (Joe/Nick/Brent) born September 21, 2013

Suzanne Crowe (Ric) passed away Friday February 17, 2012.

Photo of Sam and Ric from Chuck

Sam Warr passed away today September 17, 2011.

I got second place in the pole vault June 24 in the
National Senior Olympics.

I will compete for the world championship July 15 in Sacramento.
Dorothy (Joe) passed away May 25, 2011.

WARR FAMILY REUNION is set for JULY 15 AND 16, 2011...
WEST LAVERN Camp ground Coquille, Oregon

I have a chance to break the American record in
pole vault, Jan 29. Come to Reno to gamble... er, watch pole vault. Videos.

Bonnie and Max Warr�s granddaughter Scheryl Warr. Pics for Warr Path Family Website.


Joshua(Sam/Don) is attending the Defense Language
Institute at The Presidio of Monterey in California.

Dennis (Joe) gave me this great photo!

Brittany (Joe/Barry/Scott) has graduated from College
Oregon State. OSU our hats are off to you!

Lots More military info from Rod(Max)

More military update from Rod(Max)

More military update from Freddie Mae (Mae)

Military update from Susie Miller

Here's all I know about Warrs in the military
and some may be incorrect.
Send corrections and updates.

Joshua (Don/Sam) graduated from Air Force boot camp.
Don (Sam) got an inspiration that I think is great!
I'll be adding my info in a couple of days.

Judy Annison's (Mabel) daughter, Becky was
killed in a horrible accident.

Mabel's 90th Birthday. Party May 22, 2009, 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Orchard Crest Retirement, 222 S. Evergreen, Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Dick Juell, Shirley's (Mabel) husband died.

Eve Rose Hamilton (Joe/Barry/Brenda/Belize), Joe's first
great-great grandchild, was born last night. Is she the first of that generation?
Do you believe Barry is a (he won't let me say it!)

Merry Christmas from WarrPath
"Snow for Christmas" by Joe Jr.

Belize (Joe/Barry/Brenda) is pregnant.

Photos from Jennifer (Max)

My son Ken(Joe/Steve) is suffering great pain
and has been in and out of the hospital.

Dorothy (Joe)
is having medical difficulties. Dennis (Joe) has created a blog.2009

Good news! (finally) Sheryl(Max) is getting married

Brenda's (Joe/Barry) blog

Belize's (Joe/Barry/Brenda) blog

Max Memorial January 18.

Reunion 09 same place July 17 and 18

Max passed away December 29.

Scott(Barry/Joe) wife Paula passed away and Scott suffered a stroke.

Max is in ICU with pneumonia

Mail from Brenda(Barry/Joe). Jean Palmer passed away.

Info about Peggy's 80th bday from Tiffany (Shirley/Mabel)

Family update from Scheryl (Max) Harder


Charlene (Ric's first wife) passed away from cancer.
Her obituary

More tragedy! Brent's(Joe/Nick) new wife Alyssa
sustained terrible brain injury. Click for more info.

My son Ken(Joe/Steve) sustained terrible injury
to his spinal cord on Sunday. Click for more info.

Steve(Joe), your webmaster,
Didn't do so well in Italy, but we had fun. Videos.

Suzanne (Hailey's mom) has been diagnosed with liver cancer.
Please pray for her and her family. Thanks. Char

Photos Belize (Joe/Barry/Brenda) and Matt wedding.

Finally! Rod's pictures of 2002 And 2004 reunions

Steve(Joe), your webmaster,
won second place nationally in the pole vault Click for videos.

Belated tribute to Ric

Steve(Joe), your webmaster, is vaulting again. Click for video.

Debbie Rockwell -- Packer descendant

Photos of 2006 reunion and Ric's family.

Photos of our celebration of his life.

Merry Christmas from Freddie Mae

info from Don (Sam)

Dorothy(Joe) and Elden have begun to deteriorate. Letter from Dennis. 2006

Half-cancelled reunion 2006

Dorothy's (Joe) 90th birthday celebration was fantastic /A>

Lew (Mable) Roderick has made a near miraculous recovery.

Reunion 2006 has been cancelled because of Lew's condition.

Billy's in Iraq again Family Picture

You're all invited to celebrate Dorothy's (Joe) 90th birthday celebration
Rexburg, ID August 27 and 28,2006 Contact Dennis for details.

Our family recently lost two loved members. Hailey (Ric's youngest grand daughter) and Shirley (Mabel). They will be sorely missed by us all. /img>
Mail from Freddie Mae (Mae)

Pictures of Jennifer (Max/Kevin) TroJahn's family

Billy's in Iraq again Family Picture

Tiger Cruise with Brent (Joe/Nick) on the USS Nimitz

Does anyone have information on the origin of "Warr" name?

Steve(Joe), your webmaster, got the bronze medal (again)
pole vault championship of the US August 4 2005 in Honolulu.
I guess that makes me third rate.
Brent invited me to go on the Tiger Cruise too. I'm even more excited than Nick.

More photos of Scheryl (Max) and her family

Brent (Joe/Nick) is crew on the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf
Nick will be joining him in October for a "Tiger" cruise from Hawaii to San Diego

Photos of Scheryl (Max) and her daughters

Hi - It is Scheryl Warr (Bonnie and Max's granddaughter)-- Just an update.

Steve(Joe), your webmaster, is competing for the pole vault championship of the US August 4 2005 in Honolulu.

Our Old Country cousin Rebecca writing from England.

Cousin Josh (Sam/Don) got married.

New Pictures of Ric's Grandkids.

Ric Warr Memorial Tribute and Party

Ric Warr passed away at 12:10 am January 29, 2005.

New reunion Pictures from Ric -- Reunion 2004.

Bill and Grandma Warr from Ric

Ric and Bill Warr from Ric

Update from Loretta, Sonny and Kay -- Reunion 2004.

Nanaw and Papaw (Sam and Wanda's) 60th wedding Anniversary

Nick and Pam were invited to speak at the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia by US Marine guards. Click to see pictures and his speech."

Cierra Ric's granddaughter is homecoming queen

Bronze medal (third place) in Eugene on August 8. Thanks for your support.

I -- Steve(Joe) (your webmaster) will be competing for the World Championship in the pole vault in Puerto Rico on July 9. Wish me luck!!

Ric's Youngest granddaughter Hailey. What a cutey!

Nick on national TV -- "Everyone (American) should remember their right to protest and to speak freely is protected by our armed forces. They should honor their services."

Uncle Don's service -- From Uncle Ric

The Lucky Lady II - First non-stop around the world flight

Aunt Mae keeps them laughing!
Give her a call. (1-877-586-8688)

I'm trying to gather info about Uncle Don's service. I'm hearing he might have been involved with the atomic bombing on Japan at the end of WWII. Let me

I'm trying to gather info about Uncle Don's service. I'm hearing he might have been involved with the atomic bombing on Japan at the end of WWII. Let me know.

Billy's in Kuwait

Jennifer (Joe/Barry) Warr was married in Antigua October 22

Alexis (Joe/Steve/Ken) is TWO!
Click for the story.

Brenda (Joe/Barry) and Shaun's baby due in 10-15 days... Stay tuned.

Ken (Joe/Steve), Trish and Alexis are building a new home.
Click for the story.

Reunion 2002.. July 11-14, Gold Beach

Dan's (Joe/Steve) and Bobbie's new home is finished.
Click for the story.

Brenda (Joe/Barry) and Shaun's Wedding page

Dennis (Joe) and Marti's Wedding announcement

Alexis Warr Joe's (Steve/Ken)Great Granddaughter is a year Old.

Bonnie Warr (Max's wife) had a heart attack
She had quadruple bypass surgery Thursday 10/12/01. She is fine.
Email her at

Marian Warr (Sherb's wife) passed away August 29, 2001.